Thursday 18 September 2014

The replication problem

One of the fundamental principles of science is that the results of any experiment should be reproducible. Reproducibility is essential because it means that the results can be relied upon, as they are more likely to be true. Unfortunately, there is little fame in replicating someone else’s study; it is also hard to get such studies funded (because they are not ‘novel’). Consequently, many studies are not repeated and many findings stand alone without verification from separate, independent researchers. This is a problem because often when studies are replicated, they fail to reproduce the original findings.

Wednesday 10 September 2014


Patients should have a voice in medical policy and treatment. ‘Grass-roots’ groups of patients are more likely to have that voice heard and to effect change if they are organised and well funded. Patient advocacy groups can therefore be more effective if they accept industry (pharma) funding. However, such groups can also serve the interests of the industry doing the funding. It is even better for the industry, however, if they organise the grass-roots patient advocacy group from the start; so-called ‘astroturfing’.