Friday 22 June 2012

Platelet Rich Plasma continues to unimpress

Further to my previous blog post on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a recent review of five clinical trials of its use in rotator cuff repair surgery of the shoulder concluded:

"PRP does not have an effect on overall retear rates or shoulder-specific outcomes after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair."

And a systematic review of PRP in orthopaedic surgery concluded: 

"there is uncertainty about the evidence to support the increasing clinical use of platelet-rich plasma and autologous blood concentrates as a treatment modality for orthopaedic bone and soft-tissue injuries"

The scientific evidence for PRP's lack of effect builds, while its clinical use increases.


  1. I just had a left knee arthroscopy significant posterior tear in the mri showed acl streched now during surgery he opted not to do reconstruction on acl dont know exactly why but anyways post op still lil groggy from it they told me to get dressed and left the room so i got out of bed as soon as my feet hit the floor i go down my knee ended up by my chin so basically nurse helps me anyrate i get home and i expect post op pain but its been a real stuggle when i walk on it it feels wierd like its dislocated. hurts just wondering if this is normal post op problems or what the nurse at dr office when i called said it was unlikely i did any damage to it when i fell

    1. Sounds like you are still recovering for the anaesthetic. I am not able to provide advise on injuries and post-operative complications without all the information. You should see your surgeon.


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